Spreading Hope & Happiness


#Grow Together

These are hard, difficult and uncertain times for everyone across the globe. Like many companies, our business has been greatly affected by the COVID-19 crisis with many large grocery chains and national retailers cancelling orders.  Rather than these beautiful flowers going to waste, our family members and employees have come together to donate and deliver flowers to nursing homes, veteran's homes, assisted living centers, to our hospitals, schools, businesses and on doorsteps of homes in neighborhoods of our communities.  Each flower is adorned with a card and message of spreading kindness and growing together.  Despite our efforts, thousands upon thousands of flowers still remain in our greenhouses.  In hopes of broadening our reach, we've joined with UPS to deliver flowers with their packages. Words cannot begin to express our appreciation as they have so generously donated their resources to deliver

flowers far beyond what we could do on our own.


We know joy can be found even in difficult days.  So many lives have been touched, not only with the those receiving such a small gift, but also, by all of us here at Milgro and UPS.  We're so appreciative of your comments, messages, emails, pictures and cards that have been sent.  It's our wish that these flowers spread hope and happiness and serve as a reminder to grow together as friends,

neighbors, communities and beyond!

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