Scott Miller
Scott started his career in the floral industry at the young age of eight, when his father, Gary, started Milgro in 1980. As a child, Scott would take trips to the greenhouses with his dad on the weekends where he was taught about the plants. Being a young boy, there was nothing more fun than to get his hands dirty. As he got older, he started working in shipping, production, and got his hands even more filthy doing maintenance jobs. In 1991-1993, Scott served a church mission in Osorno, Chile allowing him to become fluent in Spanish. He graduated Brigham Young University in 1995 in International Relations and Political Science. He became President of the company in 2007. Scott has a love of putting plans together, a passion for flowers and being able to produce great product, and loves the atmosphere at work where he is surrounded by with family, both of immediate family and with the family that he’s worked with and known for decades. He enjoys being able to have his sons come out to work with him during summers and seeing a third generation coming into the family business.