Milgro Newcastle Facility

Our facility in Newcastle, UT is one of the most successful applications of geothermal energy for space heating in the United States.  Newcastle is located along the southeast edge of the Escalante Valley, a desert in southwestern Utah where, at an elevation of roughly 5,300 ft, greenhouse heating requirements are substantial.  The relatively harsh conditions outside, combined with the presence of the geothermal system, allows Milgro to create almost any growing environment inside.  Overall cool temperatures, high sunlight, and geothermal energy allow us to heat the greenhouse environment cost-effectively rather than using high-cost air conditioning to cool.  Although the site is in a semi-arid desert, within the confines of the greenhouses, Milgro can easily create humidity, whereas in a humid environment, it is virtually impossible to remove.  Abundant sunlight in the high desert allows more cost effective control of crop lighting.  It is much easier and less expensive to block light than to create it.   We pride ourselves in being able to contribute to our earth as a green operation by means of location and geothermal use of energy.  The dry, sunny climate, combined with environmentally friendly geothermal heat, provide an excellent indoor environment for superior plant production and helps eliminate the use of fossil fuels, conserves water, and protects air quality.  Milgro Newcastle now has over 1 million square feet of greenhouse space occupying only a portion of the 450 acres owned, enabling Milgro to expand product lines and extend growing seasons for future growth.