Cherilyn Smith
Marketing and Purchasing
Cherilyn was born into the floral industry as she was born in 1980, the same year that her father started the company. She has fond memories of going out to the office and greenhouses working with the office manager, planting mum cuttings and poinsettia plugs, and raking in between benches as a child. In 2003, Cherilyn graduated from Utah Valley State College and moved back home to California. She worked for 10 years in various businesses and industries and has a passion for helping small businesses develop and grow. Cherilyn was able to bring her knowledge of manufacturing, purchasing, and negotiating when she came to work for the family business in 2013 as Marketing Director and Purchasing Manager. Cherilyn has a love for the company and those she works with, a passion for seeing the process of designs being created, manufactured and then seeing the final product in stores. She loved growing up with her dad always bringing fresh flowers home and now enjoys being able to share that with her family and young children.